Established in the year 1957

Dr. S. K. Sinha Women's College, Motihari, was established on 15th February 1959. It is a constituent unit of B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. This college is the only Women's College in the East and the West Champaran districts. This premier institution imparts Arts and Science education up to UG level.

Students, especially the girls, from the humble socioeconomic background had to quit their education after the secondary level as they could not afford to pay expenses of the higher education in distant places. Girls' education beyond the secondary level was almost unthinkable. The problem was further complicated due to poor communication with the outside world and the lack of financial resources. Thus the college's aim is to cater to the needs of such people who had been deprived of educational opportunities from time immemorial.

During the early phases of the college the people's involvement was more. Everyone wanted the college to begin and develop. It was a question of the future of their young generation. There were no big donations from the higher-up people in the society but the poor came forward to contribute to the funds of the college for its development. Even the poor agricultural laborers contributed something as a token of their goodwill for the college. The contribution was often just a Rupee but the fund-raisers did not spurn even this humble amount because it indicated people's goodwill and attachment to this educational endeavor.

The outreach programs are planned and implemented in keeping with the issues and needs of this corner of the world. This is translated into action through the NSS and the NCC wings of the college. The college believes in democratic tenets and has enshrined a decentralized form of administration.

The college also ensures maximum participation of staff, faculty, and students in the activities of the college. Parents and all other stakeholders are involved in special programs of the college, and that in turn gifts all the participants a sense of its community ownership. This community feeling is the greatest asset and the most bankable feature for the college.